Nasho Dronjak

nasho dronjak

Nasho Dronjak — The TrailBlazer

The construction industry in Toronto is one that’s still seeing growth. But one man Nasho Dronjak has been leading the pace in the ready mix niche. He is the president of Kon-Krete Redi Mix, a leading player in the provision of exceptional concrete and other ready mix products in Vaughan, Oshawa, Milton, North York and many other locations in Ontario. 

Nasho Dronjak has been able to navigate an industry that’s rife with competition. It’s not easy to be the go-to for some of Ontario’s biggest construction work. 

In construction, there’s not a lot of room for mistakes. Every construction project needs the highest level of ready mix concrete. Otherwise, the results can be costly. 

Together with a dedicated team, Nasho Dronjak has been able to put together a dedicated team that uses innovative methods to produce ready mix concrete products. His company Kon-Krete Redi Mix also has access to an extensive fleet of dispatch trucks that deliver the very best ready mix products all the time. 

A Quick Look: Nasho Dronjak’s Career Path 

“I’ve had to work very hard to get to where I am”. 

Hard work, persistence and dedication. Those are the sterling qualities colleagues associate with Nasho Dronjak, the president of Kon-Krete Redi Mix. 

From top to bottom, from the quality of personnel to the raw materials and equipment, Nasho Dronjak’s intensive approach to creating ready-mix concrete is clear. 

Kon-Krete Redi Mix has a one of a kind procurement process. Every single raw material that goes into their ready mix production and manufacturing process is of the highest quality. 

There’s a strict quality control and assessment stage for their raw materials. Nasho Dronjak, a hands-on president with plenty of experience makes sure his company uses only raw materials that pass inspection.

Kon-Krete Redi Mix has a reputation for the use of innovative concrete mixing processes. It’s a reputation that’s majorly responsible for their status as one of the leading providers of concrete ready mix products for residential and commercial needs in Ontario.

Learning the Ropes

Nasho Dronjak didn’t suddenly become the president of Kon-Krete Redi Mix. It’s a position he now holds thanks to his patience and attention to detail throughout his career. 

At the early stages of his sojourn into the ready mix industry, he learned from the very best. Nasho Dronjak is a multiple industry-certified professional with countless years of experience and excellent training. 

It’s this massive wealth of industry that he brings to his capacity in leading one of the biggest providers of ready mix concrete products. It’s an overwhelming combination of knowledge, technical know-how and innovation that has turned Kon-Krete Redi Mix to an industry leader. 

About Kon-Krete Redi Mix

For many contractors, project managers and real estate developers, Nasho Dronjak and his pacesetter company are the go-to for all concrete ready-mix needs. 

Apart from access to industry certified raw materials and aggregate, Nasho Dronjak and his team have access to the very best equipment. That is why they can produce, diversify and pivot to meet different types of residential and commercial needs for ready-mix concrete. It’s why they always meet the most stringent CSA, OPSS and ASTM specifications.

Nasho Dronjak is the president of Kon-Krete Redi Mix, a fast growing company that’s evolving to meet the needs of the largest construction industry in the country. 

What’s It Like to be the President of an Industry Leader

Regardless of what’s going on, Nasho Dronjak manages to stay grounded. He is able to achieve this by taking a personal interest in all of Kon-Krete Redi Mix’s projects.

If the project is mixing concrete for residential and pavement needs, Nasho Dronjak and his team approaches its execution with the highest level of quality. 

The same goes for large-scale commercial projects with thousands of dollars at stake. Nasho Dronjak’s workman-like quest for excellence is at the helm of every Kon-Krete Redi Mix’s industrial contribution. 

It’s this level of attention to detail that has catapulted Kon-Krete Redi Mix to one of the biggest ready mix companies in Ontario.

So what is a day in Nasho Dronjak’s life like? It’s extremely busy as you would expect. It’s a life that’s constantly on the go to fulfil the varied ready mix quotas and needs of Ontario’s construction projects. 

For many, it may sound like a position as the President of Konkrete Redi is one that’s too much to handle. But it’s a position that Nasho Dronjak embraces with zest, gusto and great poise. 

Nasho Dronjak. Industry leader, president, friend.